Wall Mount Bracket for Sonos Era 300 - Premium Metal Construction(Pack of 2)


1. Designed for Sonos Era 300 Integration: Our speaker wall mount is purpose-built to seamlessly integrate with the Sonos Era 300 wireless speaker, delivering an enhanced listening experience. The mount features custom-designed card slots that securely cradle the speaker's rubber feet, effectively reducing unwanted reflections and minimizing vibrations.

2. Dual Material Construction: Unlike many other stands available in the market, our wall bracket for the Sonos Era 300 is skillfully crafted from a combination of thick resin and high-quality iron. This robust construction ensures durability and provides a remarkable weight capacity of up to 15 lbs, guaranteeing the security of your valuable Sonos Era 300 speaker.

3. Unwavering Stability and Security: The Sonos Era 300 speaker mount incorporates bottom screws that firmly anchor your speaker to the mount. Bid farewell to worries about accidental falls and potential harm to your precious audio equipment. Your Sonos Era 300 is in safe hands.

4. Space Optimization and Immersive Audio: Wall-mounting your Sonos Era 300 not only conserves valuable desktop space but also elevates your auditory experience to new heights. It offers an immersive surround sound experience while protecting your speaker from unintended damage, making it an ideal addition to any room.

5. Swift 10-Minute Installation: With included hardware kits and a straightforward 2-step installation process, setting up the mount is a breeze. The color and finish of the wall speaker mount for the Sonos Era 300 bracket have been meticulously matched to complement your speaker, adding a sleek and cohesive touch to your audio setup.

Elevate your audio experience and maximize your space with our Sonos Era 300 Wall Mount Speaker Bracket. Enjoy superior sound and aesthetics effortlessly.

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