MKJ36998105 Remote Control Fit for LG 19LG30 42LV4400-UA 42LV4400 47LV4400 55LV4400 22LF10 22LG30 LCD TV


Compatibility :

1. Fit for LG M2362D 19LF10 19LF10C 19LF10CUA 19LF10C-UA 19LF10UA 19LF10-UA for LG 19LG30 19LG30UA 19LG30-UA 19LG31 22LF10 22LF10UA 22LF10-UA 22LG30 22LG30DC 22LG30DCUA 22LG30DC-UA 22LG30UA 22LG30-UA 22LG31 22LG3DDH 26LF10 26LF10UA 26LF10-UA 26LG30 26LG30DC 26LG30DCUA 26LG30DC-UA 26LG30UA 26LG30-UA 26LG30UD 26LG30-UD 26LG3DDHUA 26LG3DDH-UA M1962D M2062D M2762D
2. Fit for LG M2262D 32LC50C 32LC50CB 32LC50CS 32LC5DC 32LC5DCB 32LC5DCS 32LD400 32LG3DDH 32LG500H 32LV2400-UA 32LX50C 32LX50CS 32LX5DC 32LX5DCS 37LC50C 37LC50CB 37LC5DC 37LC5DC1 37LC5DCB 37LG30 37LG500H 42LB50C 42LB5DC 42LC50C 42LC5DC 42LD400 42LD400-UA 42LG500H 42LV4400 remote 42LV4400-UA 42PG60C 42PG65C 42PX8DC 47LD500 remote 47LV4400 55LV4400 remote 55LV4400-UA


1. 【 No Setup Required 】- Easy to use, insert the batteries and start using this TV replaced remote control ( not supplied batteries).
2. 【 Work As Well As Original 】- TV replacement remote control for LG smart TV, covers with most of functionality of the original remote control.

--Package Included:

1 x Remote Control

--Please Note:
1 . This is not a LG original product and is not covered by the LG warranty.
2. The brand name and logo of LG are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
3. Any use of the LG brand name, model or part name for this product is for the sole purpose of demonstrating compatibility.

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