Remote Control for Yamaha YAS-107 YAS-108 YAS 1080 YAS-203 ATS-1070 ATS-1060 Soundbar



1. Fit for Yamaha 1080 soundbar: ATS-1080, ATS1080, YAS-1080;

2. Fit for Yamaha YAS 108, YAS 103, YAS 105, YAS-106, YAS 107, YAS 203, YAS-207;

3. Fit for Yamaha ATS 1030, ATS-1050, ATS 1050BL, ATS-1050-R, ATS-1060, ATS-1070 soundbar, ATS1080, ATS-1080 soundbar, YAS1080, YAS-1080, YAS-108;

4. Fit for Yamaha SRT-700, FSR66, FSR71, FSR73, FSR78, ZP80760, ZP807600, ZV28960, ZV289600, ZJ78750, ZJ787500, 643-YS106*-05BX0 sound bar.


1. This replace remote control covers with most of functionality of the original remote control, perfect to replace your old or broken soundbar remote
2. Easy to Use: No setup required, insert the batteries and start using this sound bar remote control. ( Not supplied batteries)


--Please Note: 
1 . This is not a Yamaha original product and is not covered by the Yamaha warranty.
2. The brand name and logo of Yamaha are registered trademarks of their respective owners.
3. Any use of the Yamaha brand name, model or part name for this product is for the sole purpose of demonstrating compatibility.

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